Do You Use Your Facebook Posts To Make Money?  

If you answered no then you're missing out huge :) 

Drive Leads And Sales From Simple Facebook Posts Using Post Profits!

Geniuses  Are Using Post Profits To

Save Massive Time

Post Profits helps you stop wasting so much of your time doing things that can be easily automated. While you save all that time you can be doing other things that you love doing, whatever those might be. 

Up Their Financial Gains

Post Profits will help you not just save money,  you don't have to hire a VA to go do things that can be done just as easily with automated software. Put your time and money to better use and grow exponentially. 

Get Proven Systematic Results

Post Profits help you automate very proven lead generation and sales processes without having to spend much of your precious time or money to get the end results.  Post Profits works, it automates a proven process.

So how does Post Profits help you get more leads and sales?

and no, you don't have to be a MARKETER for this to work for you. 


Make Posts On Facebook

Use your personal facebook page and business pages to make posts on Facebook just like you normally would. This is basically your lead generation and functions somewhat as an optin. Hopefully you're doing this, if not don't worry we have you with our training and support group and with the Post Profits Challenge. 


Configure Post Profits On Posts

You can set up Post Profits for every post that you make on facebook, and it even works in groups. Once you set it up a Post Profit it will run automatically and drive sales to your facebook posts.   Confused? Then you're most likely not already making money from Facebook. Don't worry, just take Post Profits Challenge.  Keep reading :) 


Post Profits Does It's Job

Post Profits will begin to automatically respond to all comments on your post strategically leveraging the Facebook Algorithm to get you maximum post exposure and engagement.  It will also send out Direct Messages through Facebook messenger with your CTA link which will keep people commenting on your post to get the link. Way better than dropping it in the comments.


Get More Leads And Sales

Now you can start running Post Profits on any of your posts anytime you want. You can set it up for as many posts as you want.  When you run post profits on any post it starts to funnel you fresh leads and sales on auto-pilot. It comes configured to get you maximum engagement which results in maximum leads and sales coming from your organic marketing efforts.

Want to see Post Profits in action?



Post Profits isn't built by some fly by night marketers who hype shit up and then ghost you when you find out nothing works as "marketed". It's built and supported by a world class software engineering firm. 

Post Profits Works Everywhere You Promote On Facebook

  • ​ Your Personal Profile: This is a big honey pot for organic marketing. Post Profits helps you turn your personal Facebook profile into a lead and sales engine. 
  • ​ Facebook Groups: Facebook groups are a secret weapon to build an audience, get leads, and make sales. Post Profits works in any group. 
  • ​ Your Business Pages: You can use Post Profits on your business pages and even on your paid ads :) 

Common Questions We Get...

  • Can Post Profits automatically reply in a private message instead of a comment?:
    Oh for sure, it's part of what makes Post Profits stand out. Post Profits will reply to comments on the post to help boost engagement and get you maximum exposure, but it will send your CTA (call to action) via private message which encourages more people to comment on your post so they can get the CTA via private message. This keeps a constant stream of comments and engagement on your posts.
  • Will I get into problems with Facebook if I use Post Profits? 
    Although Facebook can ban your account at anytime for any reason, there's should be no reason you get into any issues using Post Profits. We allow you to set time frames, add random delays, and even give many different comment replies and private messages so that there's plenty of variation and you're not just making the same comment and sending the same messages over and over. And if any red flags from Facebook come up, Post Profits will automatically stop till you start it again.
  • ​Is PostProfits a software I have to install?
    PostProfits is a Google Chrome Extension. You will receive a link to download the extension from the official Chrome Store, which means it's fast and safe. It's easy-peasy.. 2 clicks and it's done. 
  • Do you offer a guarantee? 
    Yeahh... you get a free trial. After that, you can cancel anytime. Your subscription will not continue after the current 30 day cycle. 

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