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About me

I help affiliate marketers who haven't unlocked their full potential yet closing high ticket sales like there's no tomorrow.

If you really want to be financially free, get red hot leads banging on their door, and make their first high ticket sale today then I can definitely help you.

I are the best at becoming an organic marketing ninja and my / our accomplishments include:

Graduate of University of Applied Science in Wuerzburg / Germany in Business and Engineering with honors (Major in Marketing)

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth / South Africa - International Marketing

Executive MBA Graduate of Quantic School of Business and Technology with honors - Specializing in Digital Marketing

PhD. From School of Hard Knocks an Trial & Error :-)

Work History:
Former "fixer" for a CEO (those were the good 'ol "flying private" times) 

Now in charge of Business Development, Marketing and Innovations for a Pharma Company (this is where I test organic strategies in large scale)

Member of the Board of Directors of an international Pharma consortia - Specializing in Membership Value

Founder and CEO of Extended Value LLC - my own marketing firm

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
Speaker at international Conferences (virtual and in-person)

Other Info:
Born and raised in a small town in lower Bavaria, Studied in Wuerzburg and South Africa before I moved to Munich

Relocated 2011 to New York

Tried to go back to Germany in 2017 - it sucked

Back in New York ever since...

I live, eat and breath organic marketing

When I'm not eating marketing I like good food, good wine and beer :-)

Won an ostrich rodeo

Was Zorbing down a ski piste in the alps

Avid scuba diver (fun fact: I dove the Sifra fissure in below freezing temperature water to touch the tectonic plate of North America with one hand the Eurasian with the other)

Anyhow, when you want to close high ticket sales like there's no tomorrow, turn to the experts in becoming an organic marketing ninja.

I will help you to be financially free, get red hot leads banging on your door, and make your first (of many) high ticket sales!

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Ohhh and, I'm a marketer by heart. Please expect that each and any link you find in any part of my content is an affiliate link and I may get compensated for my recommendation. I assumed that this is common sense based on the fact that I'm teaching this stuff but my lawyer told me that's not the case...