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[YOU] 2.0 Course and Digital Workbook
4 x $89 Inflation Buster Payment Plan
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We do not want people to join who are not 100% committed to taking action & implementing what they learn inside this workshop.

I know [YOU] 2.0 can transform you into an assertive captain of your own life, the one people around look up to for advice and guidance, the person you deserve to be.

For this reason, we have a STRICT no refund policy. If you plan to join, access the information & then refund. Do not join. We cannot get back the information we share with you. If you join, you're all in, ready to take action & get results.

Ohh, and I prefer to be raw and real than fake and phony. You deserve nothing less.

I tend to curse a bit when I get excited. That's my way of getting my points across. If you prefer a soft washed smeary guy telling you want to hear and not what you need to hear - DO NOT JOIN!!!!

[YOU] 2.0 Course + Digital Workbook

Final Price $2,995
Limited Time
Pre-Launch Price
one time $197  $97 or
3 monthly installments of $39

Includes 50+ page actionable transformation Handbook to hand you results over today!

Ever-growing no-fluff and to the point course to hand you the results you need immediately.

  • ​BONUS :1 ​ 30 min Graduation Call VALUE $297
  • BONUS :2 Freedom in 4 Steps (FIFS) VALUE $97
  • ​BONUS :3​ Unlimited Lead Flow (ULF) Value 497

Bonus 1: 30-Minute Graduation call (first 10 lucky ones jumping into this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity get a one-on-one call, after 10 I switch to group calls)  

Bonus 2: Jamie Gardiner's epic Freedom in Four Steps program.

Bonus 3: Complimentary access to "Unlimited Lead Flow" to make a lack of leads in FB organic marketing a thing of the past.

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[email protected]

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Ohhh and, I'm a marketer by heart. Please expect that each and any link you find in any part of my content is an affiliate link and I may get compensated for my recommendation. I assumed that this is common sense based on the fact that I'm teaching this stuff but my lawyer told me that's not the case...