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The secret to success, happiness and everything else.

Monday, July 03, 2023

Aren’t penguins kinda strange creatures? They seem to miss knees so they are forced to waddle clumsily to their destination.

Not sure if our creator felt bad for them and gave them a nice coat. At least they are heavily overdressed for most occasions…

Giraffes on the other hand seem to have plenty of legs on both sides of their knee caps. Not only that but their long neck makes it way too easy for them to be all in your business.

How do I know? I once tried to have a relaxing breakfast with them close by on a Safari in South Africa..

Anyhow their long neck makes it very easy for them to pick leaves from the crown of the highest trees.

They’d look at you with disbelief if you’d ask one to pick leaves for, let’s say $20 an hour. Can you imagine the joy of the giraffe? That’s the easiest job ever!!!

The giraffe will outperform anyone without even trying hard and certainly will be promoted to CLO (Chief Leave Officer) in no time. Making everyone proud and the misses can brag about her grand hubby.

Now ask the Penguin to accept the same job and he might accept because he urgently needs cash to do, you know, Penguin things. What a bad decision. Don’t you think?

His wings are, while technically a bird, more like fins and make it nearly impossible for him to fly. His short legs without knees makes it impossible to wrap around the tree.

You get the picture. It’s close to impossible for him to climb that tree. To do his job he has to tediously collect fallen leaves as the wind blows around the area.

He’s giving all he can but will never reach the efficiency of the giraffe. He hates his job, is frustrated and is constantly arguing with his wifey.

Eventually he gets fired. Without money coming in he loses everything. His Penguin nest is under foreclosure, the misses divorces him and the planned trip to his family in the arctic will stay a dream. Just unnecessary and sad.

Can you feel the Penguins' pain? Do you know what the devastating part is?

Have you ever seen a Penguin swim and observed the elegance and effortlessness he’s cutting through water?

His species is one of the best swimmers in the world. Nothing, really nothing humanity ever built comes even anywhere close to the efficiency of this marvel of evolution. And the Penguin thought he's a failure all his life.

If the Penguin opened a business like an, I don’t know, aquatic version of UPS or fish hunting he would kill it and out earn the Giraffe by far. The best part is, he’d enjoy every single day working on his business.

What do you think would happen if the Giraffe would apply for a job at the newly founded and wildly successful 𝗨nderwater 𝗣enguin-Thing 𝗦ervices?

Correct, she either wouldn’t be hired or fired because of poor performance.

You probably guessed by now that this is not really about a Penguin and a Giraffe.

But why am I telling you this story?

To share my experience and hope to inspire you.

I was way too long for the Giraffe. Trying to pick proverbial leaves and boy did I suck in picking leaves. ​

Working my f cking butt off for very little reward. Working a job I did neither enjoy nor get any satisfaction.

I was living with knowing that “that can’t be it” and drifting kinda depressed and sad (I always hid this from the outside world) through life.

Do you know that feeling? Do you live a similar life?

It all changed one day when I said to myself “screw it” and showed my own limiting beliefs the said finger.

That day I jumped headfirst into the pool. Not gonna lie, it was scary and the water felt cold - at first.

But it felt so damn good and right. I felt liberated. I knew I was swimming in the right direction.

Quitting my job, moving and studying marketing and sales (yes in a real university.

Little did I know that this expensive piece of paper they call degree is pulled from a roll, mostly found in very private rooms).

My second career started. It felt so good.

Things others are struggling with are just coming to me, naturally - just like a Penguin doesn’t think how to swim.

Don’t be fooled, of course I needed training and getting experience under my belt - but every step of the journey was and still is just so much fun!

Money is a side effect of doing what you’re really good at and enjoy. (Should I mention that I’m writing this article on the pool deck of a 5* cruise ship sailing down the Nile just before checking into the venerable Mena House in Cairo, right next to great pyramids).

I can sense your inner voice whispering, “but I’m not good at anything”.

Nonsense. In the history of mankind there was no one – absolutely no one who wasn’t really good at anything. It’s mostly our wrong inner beliefs that hold us back.

All we need to change our lives is drop our wrong and limiting beliefs, find that pool and jump in - preferably heads first.

I understand that this can be a scary experience. Sometimes all we need is someone standing by our side or giving you a nudge.

I guess this is the moment where I offer my help - if you’re up to it.

Everything I know is documented in an ever growing self-paced course called [YOU] 2.0 . Each bite sized piece will further your development and transformation - seamlessly.

I designed that program to help as many Penguins find their true calling. That’s why you can currently get in for a ridiculously low commitment deposit that pays back twice the amount in credits when, not if, you finish.

You don’t have to be a mathematician. Crediting twice the amount of what you deposited is not the most sustainable business model. Not sure how long I can keep it this way.

So what do you think? Enticing, isn’t it?

If you’re already ready for the next step I invite you to join my marketing journey - only if you’re a good fit of course.

Shoot me a note when you’re ready to chat, or not. I don't mind as long as you place yourself into the right environment I'm happy. :-)

Until then,


PS: ​ Credit's can be used for exclusive programs I tested and trust


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